Wedding Art by Susan Kiley

Wedding Art As a Signature Frame Guestbook!


All images are available in 3 formats:

  • 11x14 Framed GUESTBOOK
  • 16x20 Framed GUESTBOOK
  • 20x24 Framed GUESTBOOK

Wedding Art

For prints without frame and glass (matted only) CALL 802-592-3991

Example of Wedding-Art Signed Guestbook
Example of Wedding-Art Signed Guestbook
Example of Wedding-Art Signed Guestbook
Example of Wedding-Art Signed Guestbook

"We thoroughly enjoyed the wedding picture! We had many, many people comment on how unique, creative and fun it was. I even handed our your brochure to another engaged couple. I love the fact that everyday we can read the special messages from our loved ones about our special day! Thank you so very much!!!"
Mylissa & Mat


"I purchased a few pieces of your artwork a couple of years ago and they were a huge success. I enjoy giving them as gifts because it brings a smile to everyone's face."


"Hit of the National Bridal Show."


"… my finished guest book has a prominent place in our living room. We just bought a new house. But as we were selling our previous house where it was also displayed in the living room, each and every person who came thru stopped to admire and comment positively about it. People who were at our wedding and have since come over always look again and enjoy finding their note and signature. I fell in love with your work when I saw your ad in a bridal magazine. When I purchased the kit, I was thrilled that it was as easy as you claimed. Including the marker and easy directions was one less thing for a nervous bride to worry about! Your artwork is beautiful! We were married in a white church, so the one we picked is perfect. It's soft, simple and loving. We love it! Thanks."

"The best idea for weddings since Abraham Lincoln was President."

"I got the Wedding Dance a few days ago and I love it!!! I have it out so I can enjoy until my daughter arrives and I need to wrap it. I am sure they will love it also. Thanks so much for the lovely job."

"I used the Wedding-Art guest book and everyone thought it was so unique. What I love about it is now we have it up in our living room to see every day - rather than packed away in some box. When friends or family come to visit they all look at it and see what they wrote and it's great and we love it!"

"… The wedding-art guest book was a hit and very popular, everyone kept asking me where I got the idea from! Every couple wrote a lovely note for us and we all love your art. It is one piece of our wedding memorabilia that we treasure and it is now hanging on the wall in our living room for everyone to see! Thanks to your great art!"

"I think that your product is very unique. I would like to point out that most people will never look at their sign-in book from the wedding. Your product can be displayed for al visitors to see and admire."

"Just wanted to tell you how very much I love my new wedding art from you. I so love the personalized area where you wrote our names and date of the wedding. Wish we could have ordered a larger size but we are having an intimate wedding with just family. You are a beautiful artist and thank you for sharing with us, we will treasure it!"

"We wanted to let you know that we received our wedding art and we love it! We have been most non-traditional in our wedding plans, so your wedding art really does fit perfectly with our ideas. It's great and we thank you whole-heartedly!"
Mr. and Mrs. H

"We just received our artwork for the wedding and it is beautiful. Thank you so much for such a wonderful idea and such beautiful art work."
Angela and Thomas

"…I just received my order for the wedding art. I ordered Confetti for my sister's wedding in two weeks. The print is more beautiful than I could have imagined! I am so happy that I found your website and ordered from you! I know they will love it as much as I do and I am hoping they do the same thing for me next year for my own wedding! Thank you for creating such beautiful art and for taking such care in packaging the materials. You will help make their day even more special! Keep up the beauty!"


"Words cannot express the gratitude we feel towards you and your artwork. I began planning our wedding well over a year before it actually took place. The reason for the lengthy planning was because I can be rather indecisive and I wanted to allow myself ample time to research and decide on certain decorations and wedding accessories. I purchased the wedding artwork almost immediately after I came across it. Tjre was no decision to be made - it was perfect! It is affordable, yet sophisticated. Unique yet not out of this world. We were married on an electric riverboat so "Misty Morning" fit in perfectly with our theme. The end product is gorgeous! I love walking by the wall where it hangs in our home and taking the time to read two or three notes left by our friends and family. Our guests also commented on how unique and beautiful the piece is, and how they thought it was just a great idea."
Gizz & Brenna

"Thank you very much. Your artwork is beautiful and I love it. I cannot wait to have it at my wedding. Thank you again for making my wedding different."
Sincerely, R

"I just wanted to let you know that I got my guest book today and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! It is the most interesting thing I have gotten for my wedding. Thank you so much."

"I received a guest book for my wedding last year and it was a bi hit. I am currently planning a baby shower and thought this would be a wonderful gift for the parents to be."

"The print is great! Worked well for us and our guests, and I have several friends who plan on using your services for their upcoming weddings. Thanks for all of your help."

"We received your print. It is already hanging and it looks great! Thanks again and we will keep our eye on your website for any new additions.
Nanci and Dan

"I just wanted to thank you for the beautiful artwork. This is the second guest book that I have ordered from you… I could not be any happier. Thanks again.

"I just received "The Proposal". What a joy it was to open the package and see such a beautiful keepsake for a once in a lifetime event. It was absolutely beautiful. Thanks again for all your work and dedication in making this event such a memorable occasion."

"I purchased one of your prints to use at my wedding almost two years ago Babb's Wedding. I wanted to let you know that it was one of the most memorable items from our wedding. Guests loved signing the border knowing that it would be on display later on and gave us some of the bet advice! If I hadn't found your website I would not have had a guest book at al. My husband and I have read and re-read the comments written numerous times, and guests in our home are always drawn to it."

"I just wanted to write to thank you for the beautiful guest book art we received today. We ordered the "Moondance" and it turned out fantastically. I also want to thank you for the promptness in shipping it to us. We received it much earlier than expected. I will let everyone I know who's getting married, about your beautiful and unique work."

"We received our picture yesterday. It's great! What a neat idea and I am going to be happy having that rather than a regular 'ol guest book."

"Made our wedding reception great."

"I just wanted to let you know that we received our order of The Promise the other day and it is so wonderful. I appreciate the change as well as the hard work and care that was put into the artwork. Thanks so much!"


"Our guestbook now hangs in our dining room. It is a daily reminder of what a wonderful time we had with all of our famiy and friends. Thanks so much!"

"...What a wonderful touch! Everyone loved the idea and we now have it proudly displayed in our home office. Everyone that we invited put their own words on the border and each time we loook at it and read something different that someone put on it puts a smile on our face. A plain guest book would be sitting in our closet, but this is something we can enjoy each day and when guests come over they comment on what a great idea it was."

"We thoroughly enjoyed the wedding picture! We had many, many people comment on how unique, creativ and fun it was. I even handed our your brochure to another engaged couple. I love the fact that everyday we can read the special messages from our loved ones about our special day! Thank you so very much!!!"
Mylissa & Mat


"We love your art. Have received many raves on pictures. Have given your name to several friends and they have ordered. Keep up the great work."

"We loved your picture. It was so beautiful we left it as is and now it hangs over our bed. Thanks, Susan." Donna

"We loved the Wedding-Art guest book as did many of our guests. Not only is it a memory of our special day, it is a great piece of artwork that is always a conversation piece. Many of our friends have used this in lieu of the traditional guest book. Thank you."

"We absolutely love our Wedding-/art guest book. We decided early on that we did not want the traditional guest book that gets tossed in a corner only to collect dust! It hangs in our living room for all of our guests to see. It's also a great conversation piece (friends love to see their signatures on there!). It's a beautiful piece that we will treasure forever! Thanks you!"
Michelle & Jim

The guest book poster was a huge hit. It was featured on our video at the end showing of everyone's response to the wedding and now hangs in our living room. We are especially grateful you made us a special artwork without the pine trees since we got married at the ocean, thank you! Your product is truly impressive and we will cherish it forever.
Tristy and Waylon

I just received my UPS package. I eagerly opened it with several co-workers around me. The Promise is amazing!! Everyone around me agreed. I have now showed the rest of my co-workers…I cannot keep from bubbling over the enthusiasm. I called my fiancé to tell him about it, but words cannot properly convey how beautiful this picture is. I thank you a thousand times over and I am grateful I came across your ad. Your work is magnificent!

Just wanted to let you know that the party for out friend was on Saturday and the picture was a huge hit! What a terrific idea - I can't wait to use it again!

I love my artwork! We have it hanging over our fireplace so each day I get to remember the wonderful day we were married. Our guests also love writing personal notes to us knowing that we would always be able to look back and remember. We hold our artwork dear to our hearts and it was perfect for our wedding. Many thanks.
Mr. & Mrs. Stuart

The Wedding Art guest book that we purchased from your website was the talk of our wedding. Our guests loved it and thought it was so unique. We have it hanging in our bedroom to cherish for many years to come. The best thing about it is that it is not only a beautiful piece of artwork but it is a wedding keepsake that isn’t just tucked away in a box to be forgotten. We get to look at it every day and smile at the wishes from our friends and family on our wedding day.

We originally found your ad in the back of one of the many bridal magazines that we were pouring over while researching for my sister’s wedding (11/01). She did not want the typical guest book because she thought it would just end up in a box somewhere, never to be seen again after the initial reading. We had seen couples have guests sign the matting around a wedding or engagement picture but she and her fiancée thought that they’d get sick of looking at a giant picture of themselves. We thought your design was the perfect solution. And it truly was. A pretty picture to look at . . . . .and it was personalized by friends and family. Our family has since bought two more of your wedding-art guest books, one for my wedding in May 2002 and another for my best friend’s in August 2003. We are all so happy to have them. I find myself stopping to read what our guests wrote and it’s a wonderful reminder of such an important day. And because of your variety of designs, we all have a different one in our homes. Thank you so much for helping us to find a great way to remember our wedding days!

Thank you so much for the wonderful Wedding Art book. We loved it and so did our guests. The Wedding Art guest book starts our wedding video [where] you see just the painting and ends our video with all of the signatures around the painting. We cannot wait to put it up on our living room wall. It is so original, a great memory and a wonderful piece of art. We will be sure to recommend Wedding Art to all of our friends. Thanks so much.
Rayae & Mike

. . .The Wedding guest book was a big hit at our reception!! We highly recommend your artwork as a creative alternative to the traditional guest book. It’s a great way to remember and treasure our wedding day. Thanks so much!!
Brenda & Paul

I would like to take a moment to comment on the quality and originality of your work. Nina and I were wed on 9/20/03 after Hurricane Isabel passed Sea Isle City, New Jersey. We had selected a painting from your website and placed an order prior to our wedding. The picture and frame were wonderful! We could not wait to set it up for our reception. We purchased an easel from a local craft shop to display the painting. At the reception, the painting was a topic of conversation, as many guests thought it was a wonderful idea. Now, a couple months after our wedding the painting is hanging on our wall, as a work of art and a timepiece to remember our special day, and the special people in our lives. I can’t begin to express the level of satisfaction Nina and I have received from your company. You provide an excellent product, with quality service that is to be matched by none. I highly would/will recommend your services to others in the future. Thank you again for everything.
Nina & Jim

. . .I recently purchased the “Mistletoe” picture as my guest book. I just wanted to say it came, and I absolutely love it! I just want to say Thank You. I cannot wait to see everyone’s face when they go to sign it. It makes for a unique alternative to the traditional guest book. Thanks again.

I just wanted to say how overly excited I was to find something so original as having a painting done by a local artist and also using it as my wedding guest book. I think that was such an incredible and unique idea. I live right on the New York/Vermont border. I am very interested, actually I am 100% positive that I would like one of your artworks to have at my wedding. I would have to say that this is something I am very excited about and can’t wait to see the end result and hanging in my living room. If you could either e-mail me back or give me a call in regards to ordering information that would be greatly appreciated. The three that I am most interested in are Roses, Sundance, and Private Kiss; all in the black frame. Hope to hear from you soon. Your work is such an inspiration and I am so glad that I found the article in my bridal magazine!!

I just wanted to say thanks again for processing my order so quickly. Everyone loved the idea and we already have it hanging on our wall. I handed out your address several times and told them how great the service was.

Just a note to let you know how much our family & all of our guest[s] enjoyed your “Guest Book Picture”. It turned out beautiful& was a very special part of my Son’s wedding. Again, Thank you for making it special.

Good morning. I received my order yesterday – the “Sundance” picture. And I just wanted to say I love it. It is a beautiful piece of artwork and such a unique idea for a “guest book”.

I just wanted to write to thank you for the beautiful guest book art we received today. We ordered the “Moondance” and it turned out fantastically. I also want to thank you for the promptness in shipping it to us. We received it much earlier than expected. I will let everyone know who’s getting married about you’re your beautiful and unique work. Thanks Again,

Thank you—It is Beautiful—My CO-workers LOVE IT—Thanks for being patient with me. This will make my Day memorable for years. Again Thank You.

I have a couple of your frames prints, which I absolutely LOVE. I have “The Proposal” and Moonlit Walk”. I purchased those several years ago at Vermont Gift Barn in South Burlington. Anyway, we have a summer camp on Lake Champlain and I have always planned on getting one of your more summer-oriented prints for a special spot on the wall there. Unfortunately for me, it looks like you are now mostly specializing in wedding prints and Vermont Gift Barn doesn’t carry your work anymore. So. . .I was just wondering if you might still have kicking around somewhere one of your larger prints that show summer stuff, like the kids sitting on the dock or whatever. Now that I have your work in mind, nothing else seems like it would be right there. I just thought I’d ask! My “theme” at camp is actually flags, so a print showing a flag would be perfect but I’d be happy with any summer print. Thanks so much for any response you can give me.

Hi! I bought a framed 20x24 “Misty Morning” artwork about a year and a half ago. I kept it carefully paced in its original packing for all that time so that it would be in perfect condition for my May 31, 2003 wedding. All went perfect with it at the wedding, however, when my brother and sister-in-law went to wrap it back up in the bubble wrap provided by you the tape that secured the bubble warp attached itself to the actual “Misty Morning” picture. This attachment resulted in the print ripping when pulled on. The matt is fine and so is the frame and glass. I just need to know how I can get a new 10x16 “Misty Morning” print with our names and wedding date and artist signature. I also need to know how much it would cost for this replacement. Thanks for your help,

I would like to take a moment to extend a sincere thanks for the replacement picture of “Misty Morning”. Not only are you a superb artist, but a truly gracious person. The wedding industry seems to be laden with unscrupulous businesses who will unforgivably take advantage in inexperienced brides and grooms in a heartbeat. I was so impressed with your willingness to replace the picture at no charge. You have made a customer and referral source for life! Sincerely,
Gizz & Brenna

I just wanted to drop you a line that I received the guest book today. It is lovely and so unique. Thank you!!

Absolutely beautiful. A great hit at my daughter’s wedding. They have it hanging in their wedding & everyone loves reading it.

Just wanted you to know I received my order and it is absolutely beautiful. My fiancé had no idea I was doing this and when it arrived he loved it just as much as I did. He actually doesn’t want anyone to write on it. Thanks very much.

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