Wedding Art by Susan Kiley

Wedding Art As a Signature Frame Guestbook!

Frequently Asked Questions

All images are available in 3 formats:

  • 11x14 Framed GUESTBOOK
  • 16x20 Framed GUESTBOOK
  • 20x24 Framed GUESTBOOK

Wedding Art

For prints without frame and glass (matted only) CALL 802-592-3991

  1. How long before I receive it?

Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery. New England deliveries will usually be received the following Monday or Tuesday. Lower Eat Coast, and eastern Midwest on Wednesday, west Midwest on Thursday; West Coast delivery takes 7 days. Usually delivered on Friday. Faster service can be obtained by choosing 2nd Day Air or 3rd Day Select Service for a Friday shipment or calling us and requesting a UPS pickup at a surcharge of $6.00. NOTE: These are estimated times and not guaranteed. We use the words "usually delivered" because sometimes UPS packages get delayed for rare, but various reasons.

2. Can I buy the artwork kit without the frame?

Yes, BUT (VERY IMPORTANT) IF YOU SET IT OUT TO BE SIGNED WITHOUT A FRAME ON IT, PEOPLE WILL SIGN ALL THE WAY TO THE EDGE. THEN WHEN A FRAME IS PUT ON, IT WILL COVER UP SOME PART OF THE SIGNING FROM 1/2" - 3/4". Therefore make sure it is in a frame for the signing. Cost for a 20x24 matted complete with artwork and pan is $129 plus $12 shipping. Cost for n 11x14 matted complete with artwork and pan is $59 plus $8 shipping.

3. How many people can sign?

The 20x24 size is ideal for groups of 100 or more. The maximum that has ever used it is 400. Usually one person from each family signs for the family and when large groups gather people tend to write smaller.

The 11x14 size is ideal for groups of 25-30 people. The maximum number is 50. For those with gatherings in between we suggest one of these three options:

a: buy two 11x14 pictures, set them out together at the wedding and hang them together in your home.
b: the 20x24 will be fine if everyone signs. It would be worth asking your guests to have everyone sign instead of just one person from each family.
c: buy one 11x14 and have just the people at the rehearsal dinner sign it.

4. How much does the artwork cost? and is it just the charge for the frame?

Our wedding-are guest books are sold complete with artwork, double matting, signing pen, glass, frame and table tents.

5. Can I get an extra pen?

of course. We will gladly include an additional pen if you think it would help you. Cost $2.00

6. Can you customize a picture?

I can change the skin tones a little to accommodate a wedding between different races, but I'm sorry I cannot add items or people to any picture as the paper I print on does not receive chalk after the fact.

7. Skin tones... can you change them?

Yes we change the skin tones a little on all pictures with the exception of Babba's Wedding, Together Forever, Stolen Moment and Anniversary Dance.

8. Do you do original artwork?

Yes I can draw a picture for you. They are called commissioned works and will of course be in my style and a pastel but can be of the scene you describe. The cost is $1800 with 50% deposit and the balance paid upon delivery. Please allow me two to three months for delivery. If you do not like what I send I will do another according to your comments. I will send your original framed as you choose and ready to use as your guest book.

9. Why does Babba's Wedding cost $100 more?

Babba's Wedding is a limited edition print that my husband only made 500 prints of. In the art world as limited edition prints run out they go up in value. Babba's Wedding is almost sold out. At the time of this writing there were only 50 left. There are other prints on my website that are limited editions but have sold enough of their edition to qualify for a premium. They are The Promise, The Proposal, Anniversary Dance and Moonlit Walk.

10. Can you write our last names when you personalize?

I can on the 20x24, but I prefer not to. I think first names are more personal and I think they should be what the bride and groom call each other. On the 11x14 I just don't have the room to write the last names(s).